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Tort reforms inbound: House Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Tommy Gregory this week filed a 22-page bill that makes significant changes to the state’s tort system, eliminating one-way attorney fees and attorney fee multipliers across all lines of insurance and putting the kibosh on the use of letters of protection (LOP). At press time there was no companion for Gregory’s HB 837. Florida Justice Reform Institute President William Large said “solving” the LOP issue was the “most important” issue to tackle this Session.

Meanwhile, DeSantis appeared with legislative leaders this week to announce his support for the changes. “You have a lot of use of the legal system that’s been put toward not benefiting someone in the system,” DeSantis told reporters in Jacksonville. “We don’t want cases that are brought where we know there’s no real liability but nevertheless it adds to the cost.” DeSantis didn’t release any details regarding the changes he’d like to see made this Session.