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Get the support you need when pursuing legal reform by working with our skilled lobbyist in Tallahassee, FL. At Florida Justice Reform Institute, we offer a wide range of resources to support individuals and groups looking to make a change in Florida’s civil justice system.

As a lobby and advocacy group, we have witnessed the inequalities and inadequacies that plague the current system and actively seek to make meaningful reforms. Ultimately, we aim to reduce the harmful effects of unnecessary litigation that has paralyzed many local Florida businesses. With your support, we can work directly with state legislators to determine innovative solutions to repair our broken system, including legal reforms, PIP reforms, and more.

Improving Our Future

Change does not occur without action, and Florida’s civil justice system will not fix itself. And while the road to reform may be a difficult one, it can be achieved through the passion of regular citizens. We must all work together to realize our goals of reform.

At our company, we are actively taking charge of our future by making a concerted effort to change state liability laws, freeing our courts from needless litigation. To learn more about civil reform or to discuss the goals we hope to achieve, reach out to our office.


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