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Get the support you need when pursuing legal reform by working with our skilled lobbyist in Tallahassee, FL. At Florida Justice Reform Institute, we offer a wide range of resources to support individuals and groups looking to make a change in Florida’s civil justice system.

As a lobbyist and advocacy group, we have witnessed the inequalities and inadequacies that plague the current system and actively seek to make meaningful reforms. Ultimately, we aim to reduce the harmful effects of unnecessary litigation that has paralyzed many local Florida businesses. With your support, we can work directly with state legislators to determine innovative solutions to repair our broken system, including legal reforms, PIP reforms, and more.

A Dedicated Advocacy Group

Advocacy groups are here to keep our politicians and the system striving to do better for the people that live here. We help citizens take a stand against circumstances that feel bigger than a single individual. Our team speaks for those whose civil and political needs are not being met. As a special interest group, we work find a balance within the civil justice system. Our goal is to ensure your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed. We believe a single spark can change the future with the right platform.

Reach out to our advocacy group with your concerns and ideas. We support the belief that equity, equality, and civil liberties should be accessible and for everyone to enjoy. Important social and socio-economic movements started with a request for help from someone who felt they were not represented fairly. From those struggles, a movement can grow, and the people tasked with managing the system can implement much needed change. Talk to us about your concerns, and we’ll elevate the issue until it cannot be ignored. You are not alone, and when you have the support of our team, together, we can accomplish anything.

Improving Our Future

Change does not occur without action, and Florida’s civil justice system will not fix itself. And while the road to reform may be a difficult one, it can be achieved through the passion of regular citizens. We must all work together to realize our goals of reform.

At our company, we are actively taking charge of our future by making a concerted effort to change state liability laws, freeing our courts from needless litigation. To learn more about civil reform or to discuss the goals we hope to achieve, reach out to our office.


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