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FJRI Mission

The Florida Justice Reform Institute's mission is fight wasteful civil litigation through legislation, promote fair and equitable legal practices, and provide information about the state of civil justice in Florida.  To facilitate these goals, the Institute employs research and advocacy in support of meaningful tort reform legislation.

Florida's legal climate is becoming increasingly hostile to our state's economic well-being.  Wealthy personal injury trial lawyers continue to file speculative claims under the guise of consumer advocacy.  The result is a civil justice system inundated with lawsuits.  The effects are far reaching, hurting both employers and employees alike, with higher costs for workers' compensation insurance, rising liability insurance premiums, and the constant fear of predatory multi-million dollar lawsuits.

The Florida Justice Reform Institute is committed to restoring fairness and personal responsibility to Florida's civil justice system.  This can only be achieved through meaningful reform to our state's liability laws.

It is time for our policymakers to take a stand and put a stop to rampant litigation in Florida and the significant social and economic toll it takes on our state.