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We appreciate your interest in pursuing legal reform here in Florida. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have or for more information about our lobby group service in Tallahassee, FL.

Committed to a Brighter Tomorrow

As a lobby and advocacy group, we’re committed to doing our part to improve Florida’s civil justice system. We’ve witnessed the inequalities and inadequacies of our state’s system of law, and we’re ready to make a difference by implementing meaningful and life-changing reforms. But we need your help.

By supporting our organization, you’ll play a valuable role in making our state a better place and preventing the harmful effects of unnecessary lawsuits, many of which have paralyzed local Florida businesses. With your assistance, we plan to work directly with state legislators to determine smart solutions to fix our broken system, including legal reforms, personal injury protection reforms, and more.

Taking Charge of Our Future

Change doesn’t happen without action; Florida’s civil justice system will not fix itself. The road to legal reform must begin with the passion of everyday people. We must work together to realize our goals of reform.

At Florida Justice Reform Institute, we’re taking charge of our future by making a concerted effort to change state liability laws, free our courts of needless litigation, and support legislation that makes a difference. Using a practical and results-oriented approach, we led the charge to reform Florida’s broken PIP system in 2012. And we’re ready to do it again for legal reform.

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