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Become a Member & Help Us Change Liability Law in Tallahassee, FL

If you’re interested in reforming liability law in Tallahassee, FL, join Florida Justice Reform Institute (FJRI). Our

mission is to fight wasteful civil litigation through legislation.

Now you can help create responsible change in the local legal environment. By leveraging our extensive resources and your own commitment, we can discourage punitive, money-focused lawsuits that take up countless hours of time and create unfavorable conditions for economic development. Working with us, you’ll have an opportunity to improve the lives of business owners around the state.

That’s a huge chance for communal betterment because it means that area companies can focus on building the economy -- not fighting wasteful litigation and personal injury protection. With untold amounts of money freed up for investment and better business, both businesses and consumers stand to gain from our efforts to encourage fairness.

Building a Better Environment for All

Our lobby group service doesn’t just benefit business interests. Creating a more equitable litigation environment has far-reaching benefits. More confident businesses are more likely to create jobs, support local development, and choose Florida as a key site for future projects. 

Plus, our work helps people who actually need compensation for workplace injuries. Because we fight for a system that prioritizes efficiency and fairness, disabled workers can pursue legitimate cases without worrying about an overcrowded court system or expenses driven up by hostile legal battles.

Contact us for more information on our organization and its push for fairness in litigation. We proudly serve Tallahassee, FL, and the surrounding areas.