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Florida Politics Tort reformer William Large keeps plugging away for PIP bad-faith revamp February 12, 2018
The Florida Record Steube AOB Bill Passes Judiciary Panel Despite Business Opposition February 7, 2018
Florida Politics Takeaways from Tallahassee — Legislative misses February 3, 2018
Insurance Journal Florida Agents March on State Capitol in Lawmaker Push to Reform AOB January 25, 2018
The Florida Record Florida AOB Bill Passes Senate Insurance Panel Despite Business Opposition January 24, 2018
The Daytona Beach News-Journal Ormond Hertiage Condos Languish Under a Legal Cloud January 23, 2018
WorkCompCentral House Votes to Cap Claimants' Attorney Fees at $150 an Hour January 15, 2018
Sun-Sentinel No-fault Auto Insurance Repeal advances in Senate January 10, 2018
WorkCompCentral Lawmakers Return with Nearly Two-Dozen Comp Bills Filed January 9, 2018
News4Jax.com Environmental Proposal Delayed Amid Business Outcry December 12, 2017
The Florida Record Legal Expert: Class Action Lawsuit Against FPL&L Unmerited December 6, 2017
www.wtsp.com Where is Disbarred Attorney from Bubba Case now? Still Tied to Courtroom November 21, 2017
AGRR.com 'Assigning' Blame Nov/Dec 2017
The Insurance Insider AOB in Focus November 20, 2017
Bloomberg Law Fla. Court Ruling on Doctor Interviews a Victory for Plaintiffs November 16, 2017
WorkCompCentral Attorney Fee Cap Passes First House Hurdle November 15, 2017
WorkCompCentral Lawmakers to Make Another Run at Capping Claimants' Attorney Fees November 9, 2017
News4Jax.com 'PIP' Repeal Speeds Toward House Floor November 7, 2017
Sun-Sentinel Florida Homeowners Need Break from Assignment-of-Benefits Lawsuits - Opinion November 2, 2017
Florida Politics Florida Chamber Insurance Summit Tackles Industry's Hottest Topic; AOB Abuse November 2, 2017
Florida Politics Takeaways from Tallahassee — When lawyers break bad October 21, 2017
Reuters Will Trump DOJ side with disabled plaintiffs in ADA website suits? October 19, 2017
WorkCompCentral Claimants' Attorney Fees Nearly Tripled in Year After Castellanos October 10, 2017
The Florida Record Florida Insurers Caution Homeowners Against Signing Assignment of Benefits September 22, 2017
U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform 2017 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States September 13, 2017
CBS News MONEYWATCH Why Florida insurers could double homeowners' rates August 16, 2017
Law360 Biz Group Asks Fla. Justices To Ditch Geico Bad Faith Case July 31, 2017
WorkCompCentral Attorneys Take No Issue With DWC's Interpretation of Compounds as 'Specialty Services' July 27, 2017
The Florida Record Florida Medical Community has Few Options After Cap on Non-economic Damages Shot Down July 21, 2017
Orlando Sentinel Commentary: Florida Supreme Court Crowns Itself Fact-finder and Policymaker on Malpractice July 19, 2017
Insurance Journal Commentary: Florida High Court Med Mal Award Cap Ruling Ignores Market History June 28, 2017
The Florida Record Litigation Scheme Seen as Driving Auto Glass Claims in 5 Florida Counties June 23, 2017
Reinsurance News Reinsurers in Florida advised caution over AOB epidemic: Hiscox Re June 15, 2017
wfsu.org Insurance Commissioner Calls for Assignment of Benefits Changes June 15, 2017
The Florida Record Consumers Paying for Florida Legislature’s Inaction on Assignment of Benefits (AOB) ‘Scams’ June 7, 2017
The Florida Record Scott Signs Bill to Reduce 'Frivolous' Public Records Lawsuits June 6, 2017
Bloomberg BNA Florida Court Throws Out Cap on Medical Malpractice Damages June 6, 2017
Tampa Bay Times Tampa Bay is Ground-zero for Assignment of Benefits Cases Over Broken Auto Glass May 25, 2017
Business Observer House of Cards May 12, 2017
WorkCompCentral Appellate Court Says Ratings Firm and Regulators Did Not Violate Sunshine Law May 10, 2017
WorkCompCentral Time May Have Run Out for Work Comp Changes May 5, 2017
Florida Business Daily Florida Senate Urged to Reform Attorney Fee Awards in Property Disputes May 1, 2017
WorkCompCentral GOP-Led Panel Bucks Business, Passes Comp Reform Bill April 14, 2017
www.wjhg.com Florida Lawmakers Get Rid of "No Fault" Insurance Law April 13, 2017
 WorkCompCentral  Backlog of Fee Petitions Drives Up Payments to Workers' Attorneys by 26% April 13, 2017
The Florida Record Judicial Term Limits Proposal Now Faces More Skeptical Lawmakers in Senate April 13, 2017
Ocala Star Banner Editorial: Insurance Abuse Driving Rates Up April 8, 2017
Daytona Beach News-Journal OUR VIEW: Florida Must Restrain Insurance Abuse April 6, 2017
The Florida Record Florida Lawmakers Taking Aim at Assignment of Benefits Agreements April 4, 2017
The Florida Record Free-roof Insurance Scam Plauges Florida Homeowners  April 1, 2017
 Sunshine State News House Approves Judicial Term Limits March 29, 2017
Florida Politics Term Limits for Supreme Court, Appeals Judges Clear the House, if Barely March 29, 2017
Florida Record Trial Lawyers Gaining Influence at Statehouse, Florida Justice Reform Institute Says March 25, 20147
Florida Record Florida Subcommittee to Hold PIP Reform Hearing Monday; Moves to Get Bad Faith Reform in the Mix May Be Sidelined March 24, 2017
Tampa Bay Times Assignment of Benefits - Abuse Drives Up Insurance March 21, 2017
Wall Street Journal Florida's Trial Bar Hurricane March 15, 2017
Florida Politics William Large: Florida Must End Assignment of Benefits Abuse, Self-serving Windfalls March 14, 2017
The Florida Record Florida Justice Reform Institute Applauds Legal Reform Bill March 13, 2017
Florida Florida Daily Trial lawyers' 'No. 1 Priority' Stalls in Florida Senate March 9, 2017
The Florida Record Florida Justice Reform Institute President: AOBs are Problematic to Insurance Policyholders, Insurance Companies March 5, 2017
The Florida Record Florida Appeals Court Orders New Trial for Tobacco Case that Produced $23.6B Verdict March 5, 2017
Florida Bar News Term Limits Clear First House Hurdle March 1, 2017
Florida Business Daily Alarm Grows Among Business Leaders as Prejudgment Interest Bills Move Through Legislature March 1, 2017
Florida Politics House Panel Would Allow Interest Payments on Noneconomic Verdicts

February 23, 2017

The Florida Record 'War Dogs' Gunrunner Blames Abilify for His Actions

February 22, 2017

PoliticoPro.com House Leadership Helps Push Abortion-lawsuit Bill Through Subcommittee

February 22, 2017

Sunshine State News Judicial Term Limits Move Ahead Amid Senate Doubts

February 21, 2017

SaintPetersblog Judicial Term Limits, Death Penalty Bills Clear Final House Committee Votes

February 21, 2017

Sun Sentinel  Fight Against Insurance Claims Abuses Takes Aim at Attorneys Fees

February 17, 2017

The Florida Record 'Now is the Time to Admit that PIP Can’t be Fixed,' FJRI President Says

February 17, 2017

Lakeland Ledger Justices Go Against Legislature on Expert Witnesses

February 16, 2017

Florida Politics Supreme Court Rejects Evidence Standard Supported by Rick Scott, Lawmakers

February 16, 2017

Florida Business Daily Business Community Opposition Mounts to 'Prejudgement Interest' Bill Pending in Florida Senate

February 16, 2017

SaintPetersblog Drive for Assignment of Benefits Reform Picks Up Steam

February 15, 2017

Orlando Sentinel Listen to Opponents of Term Limits for Judges: Where We Stand February 15, 2017
The Florida Record Florida Justice Reform Institute Calls for Assignment of Benefits Changes

February 13, 2017

FJRI President, William Large, introduced Senator Marco Rubio at the 2017 Annual Florida Chapters Conference of the Federalist Society

February 10, 2017

wctv.tv Judicial Term Limits on the Move in State House

February 10, 2017

Miami Herald Will Florida Become the First State to Impose Term Limits on Justices?

February 9, 2017

Politico  House Panel Passes Judicial Term-limits Bill, a Priority for Corcoran 

February 9, 2017

Orlando Sentinel House Panel OKs Term Limits for Judges

February 9, 2017

Florida Politics True Cost of Workers’ Compensation Rulings Pegged at $1.3 Billion

February 2, 2017

WorkCompCentral 1st DCA Rejects Challenge to Use of 'Daubert Standard' in Comp Cases

January 19, 2017

Citrus County Chronicle Debate Heats Up Over Property Insurance Claims

January 10, 2017

The Florida Trend Justice Barbara Pariente: 'The Questioner'

December 28, 2016

The Florida Record  Appeals Court Rules $18.5 Million Award too Much Following Tobacco Lawsuit

December 18, 2016

Tampa Bay Times Gov. Scott Appoints Conservative Appellate Judge Alan Lawson to Florida Supreme Court

December 16, 2016

The Florida Record Florida Supreme Court Ruling Addresses Insurance Payment Clause Debate

December 16, 2016

Florida Politics Rick Scott Picks C. Alan Lawson for Supreme Court

December 16, 2016

The Florida Bar News Court Takes Up Attorney-client Privilege

December 1, 2016

The Florida Record Jones Day Argues that Federal Law on Smoking Lawsuits Should Preempt State Laws

November 20, 2016

The Florida Record Florida, North Carolina Attorneys Address Hurricane Litigation with Webinar

November 18, 2016

The Florida Record Recent State Court Rulings Place Workers' Comp Attorney Fee Schedules in Question

November 12, 2016

WorkCompCentral U.S. Supreme Court Won't Review Constitutionality of Comp System

November 1, 2016

Florida Politics Hermine Enlisted in Business Campaign Against Insurance Rackets

September 9, 2016

The Florida Record Sharp Spike in Work Comp Cases Following State Supreme Court Judgment

August 22, 2016

WorkCompCentral NCCI Rate Hike Could Be Far Worse, Actuaries Say

August 17, 2016

www.wctv.tv Workers Comp Rates to Increase, but By How Much?

August 17, 2016

www.news4jax.com Workers' Comp Rates to Increase, but By How Much? Potential 20 Percent Increase for Florida Businesses

August 16, 2016

Law360 Fla. Justices Could Chill Doc Malpractice Suits, Attys Fear

June 7, 2016

The Florida Record Why is Miami a Hub for Deceptive Labeling Class Actions? Lawyer-driven Litigation, ‘Venue Shopping’ Contribute to Rise in Suits

May 14, 2016

Orlando Sentinel Don't Drop Florida Standard for Experts: Where We Stand

May 11, 2016

The Florida Record Increasing Number of False Advertising Cases Against Food and Drink Hard to Swallow, Critic Says

May 9, 2016

The Florida Record Property Carriers Seek Relief from ‘Assignment of Benefits’ Abuse; Claims have Jumped 46 Percent Since 2010 May 9, 2016
Bradenton Herald Florida Supreme Court Strikes Down Workers Comp Fee Law

April 28, 2016

Orlando Sentinel Court Calls $1.53 an Hour Lawyer Fee Unconstitutional, 'Absurd'

April 28, 2016

Townhall.com $1.53 an Hour for Lawyer Fees? Not in Florida, Court Says

April 28, 2016

Gainesville Sun Justices Strike Down Workers Comp Fee Law

April 28, 2016

Florida Record Daubert vs. Frye: Florida Supreme Court Sets Oral Arguments Over Expert Testimony Standard

April 13, 2016

Daily Business Daily Supreme Court Says 1936 Road Deal Requires State to Pay

April 11, 2016

Palm Beach Post Workers Comp Fight in State Supreme Court Could have High Stakes

April 5, 2016

News Service of Florida  Workers Comp Fight Could Have High Stakes

April 4, 2016

The Florida Record Bad Faith Laws are in Desperate Need of Reform, Expert Says; Plaintiff Attorneys Seek to Extract Settlements from Insurers

March 31, 2016

The Florida Record Florida Justice Reform Institute Advocates for Assignment of Benefits Reform to Improve State’s Lawsuit Climate

March 30, 2016

Florida Business Daily Florida Justice Reform Institute isn't Giving Up Fight for Change Despite End of Legislative Session 

March 18, 2016

Legal Newsline Fla. Court Affirms AG's Power to Dismiss Whistleblower Lawsuits

February 29, 2016

Insurance Journal Florida Fights Back Against Assignment of Benefits Abuse

February 8, 2016

wfsu.org Senator Wants Drones Classified as a Dangerous Instrumentality

January 19, 2016

Law360 Business Groups Oppose Fla. Workers' Comp Law Challenge

January 11, 2016

Law360  Florida Cases to Watch in 2016

December 24, 2015

Sunshine State News  Bondi Defends Medical Malpractice Limits

December 15, 2015

Daily Business Review Panel Urges Going Back to Frye Standard for Expert Testimony October 19, 2015
Law360.com Fla. Attys Lock Horns Over New Expert Witness Standard October 16, 2015
Orlando Sentinel  Morgan & Morgan Attorneys Oppose Florida Evidence Rule October 15, 2015
Legal News Online Florida Bar Committee, Plaintiffs Lawyers Push for Rejection of New Standard on Expert Witness Testimony October 8, 2015
WorkCompCentral 3rd DCA Reverses Summary Judgment in FWA Constitutional Challenge to Exclusive Remedy June 25, 2015
U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform  2015 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States September 10, 2015
Sunshine State News Tort Reform: When Elections Should Have Consequences March 23, 2015
Sunshine State News Legal Expert: 'Tort Reform Only Works Around the Edges' February 28, 2015
WorkCompCentral Business and Insurance Groups Defend Exclusive Remedy in FWA Lawsuit January 15, 2015
Florida Trend Transition January 2015
WorkCompCentral Defense Attorneys Say Morales Maintains Viability of Comp as Exclusive Remedy December 8, 2014
SaintPetersblog  Appeals Court Upholds Disputed Part of State Medical Malpractice Law October 14, 2014
Washington Legal Foundation No Rational Basis for Florida High Court's Nullification of Statutory Noneconomic Damages June 20, 2014
Law360.com Fla. AG Can Toss 'Frivolous' State FCA Case, Court Told June 11, 2014
Convergence The Florida Supreme Court Overturns the Caps on Noneconomic Damages Spring 2014
Sun-Sentinel Lawmaker Seeks to Revamp Florida's Medical Malpractice System March 24, 2014
Current House Judiciary Discusses Medical Malpractice Claim Overhaul March 17, 2014
Pensacola News Journal BP Must Cover Actual Losses August 10, 2013
Orlando Sentinel Publix, Disney aim to cut lawsuit awards for accident victims July 10, 2013
Sunshine State News Rick Scott Signs Expert Witness Standard Overhauls into Law June 5, 2013
Insurance Journal Florida Lawmakers Approve Medical Malpractice Reform  May 3, 2013
Sunshine State News Should Florida Change the Way Judges Are Appointed April 22, 2013
Law360.com Fla. Bill Would Revamp Rules for Civil Suits Against Insurers February 20, 2013
Sunshine State News Lawyers, Legislators Debate Changing Florida's Expert Witness Standards February 15, 2013
Sunshine State News Florida House Subcommittee Approves Bill Changing Expert Testimony Standards February 13, 2013
Orlando Sentinel Business Lobbyists Say They're Confident Chris Dorworth will Stay with Them on Tort Reform October 12, 2012
Sunshine State News Scott to Sign PIP Reform Law ‘Very Soon’ March 10, 2012
The Current Senate Panel Rewrites Changes to Expert Testimony Rules February 29, 2012
Gulf Coast Business Review Kill Bills February 16, 2012
News Service of Florida   Major Med-Mal Case to be Heard by Supreme Court Thursday February 8, 2012
Sunshine State News House Panel Rejects 'Bad-Faith' Insurance Reform Bill January 26, 2012
PolitiFact Florida Crashworthiness Passed in 2011; PIP to be Considered in 2012 January 4, 2012
 News Service of Florida  PIP Again Draws Testimony, Not Votes  December 7, 2011
News Service of Florida Canady, Polston - Frequent Dissenters in SCOFLA Cases November 29, 2011
 Florida Current  PIP Stands to Change or Die Under New Proposal  November 10, 2011
Florida Current PIP's Cap Set in 1979 is Far Below 2011 Realities, Insurance Industry Says September 29, 2011
Palm Beach Post Florida Supreme Court Rejects Asbestos Claim Limit July 18, 2011
Gainesville Sun A New Approach to Fixing Florida's Mortgage Crisis June 20, 2011
 Miami Hearld Legislative Special Interests Fill Senate President Mike Haridopolos’ Campaign Coffers in U.S. Senate Race May 12, 2011
Miami Hearld  Senate Committee Splits from House on Court Reform Bill April 26, 2011
St. Petersburg Times The Buzz Blog Senate Committee Passes Court Reform Bill, but They Don't Like It April 25, 2011
Gainesville Sun Bills Limiting Floridians' Ability to Sue are Progressing April 11, 2011
Daily Business Review Bill Protects Private Child Welfare Agencies March 7, 2011
Sunshine State News Crash Liability Bill Fast-Tracked Along With Other Larger Reforms  February 27, 2011
Miami Hearld  Business Groups Target Florida's 'Bad Faith' Law February 23, 2011
Jacksonville Times-Union    Weinstein 'Fully Supportative' of Bill to Add Protections for Automakers in Liability Lawsuits January 27, 2011
Palm Beach Post  Scott the Outsider Hearing from the Insiders January 7, 2011
Jacksonville Times Union Florida Lawsuit Critics Eager for their Day in Court December 6, 2010

Sunshine State News

GOP has Trial Lawyers on the Run December 3, 2010
Naples Daily News     Gov-elect Rick Scott announces two transition teams November 30, 2010
St. Petersburg Times, The Buzz        Rick Scott announces transition team aimed economy November 29, 2010
 Orlando Sentinel      Tort reform an under-the-table issue in governor's race October 18, 2010
Sunshine State News Trial Lawyers Double Down for Democrats, Alex Sink October 11, 2010
Insurance Journal Saved from death suits in Florida  October 4, 2010
Insurance Journal Florida Workers' Comp Law Shields Disney World, SeaWorld from Suits September 17, 2010
Orlando Sentinel Disney, SeaWorld accident lawsuits face tough odds September 13, 2010
American Bar Association Journal Magazine Sunshine State Freezes Caps July 1, 2010
The St. Augustine Record ‘Win-win’ Claimed in Lawsuit Reform April 21, 2010
St. Petersburg Times Politically wounded personal injury lawyers salvage something April 21, 2010
Florida Times Union Legislature: Both Sides Claim Victory in this Year's Fight Over Civil-justice Reform April 20, 2010
Legal Newsline Crist Signs Slip-and-Fall Legislation April 14, 2010
Daily Business Review  Defense Attorney can be Deposed, 4th DCA Rules April 8, 2010
Sunshine State News  McCollum's Legal Bargin March 30, 2010
Orlando Sentinel Reasons for Optimism About Recovery? March 26, 2010
Sunshine State News Trial Attorneys in Crosshairs February 26, 2010
South Florida Sun-Sentinel Fair Rules for 'Civil Death Penalty' Needed September 3, 2009
South Florida Sun-Sentinel Workers' Comp Bill Helps Floridians May 24, 2009
The Florida Bar News Senate Revamps Court, Clerk Funding Bill April 1, 2009
 Daily Business Review Fla. Attorney General Seeks to Cap Fees for Outside Counsel  March 11, 2009
The Journal of the James Madison Institute Recent Merit-Selection Reform Can Improve Florida's Courts Winter 2009
 Stateline Court Cuts Trigger Blunt Warnings  February 18, 2009
The Florida Bar News Business Leaders Feel the Sting of Court Costs February 1, 2009
Legal Newsline Former Lawmaker Wants on Florida Supreme Court June 11, 2008
Legal Newline Florida Supreme Court Vacancies Give Crist Tremendous Opportunity  May 27, 2008
The Lakeland Ledger Insiders Key to Defeat of Rail Deal May 11, 2008
Jacksonville Business Journal Changes in Law, Economy Affecting Legal Business January 23, 2008
The Florida Times Union Reforms Have Been Successful December 17, 2007
University of Miami School of Law How Not to Do Medical Malpractice Reform: A Florida Case Study October 23, 2007
Center for America Florida’s Legal Climate Still Needs Reform June 4, 2007
Florida Bar News House Considers Offers of Judgment Statue Overhaul February 1, 2007
The St. Petersburg Times Legal Vote a Big Win for Big Business March 31, 2006
The Tallahassee Democrat Lawsuit Industry is Taxing All Floridians February 26, 2006
St. Petersbug Times Liability Business is Back February 26, 2006
Gulf Coast Business Review Push to Reform February 24, 2006