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DeSantis Picks Third Justice
January 22nd, 2019 by Mike Vasilinda

Governor Ron DeSantis has made his third appointment to the Florida Supreme Court, naming a nearly 18 year veteran of state Government rather than a judge to the states highest court.

What sets this justice apart from most is that he has never been a judge.

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On Inauguration Day Governor Ron Desantis made it clear.

“Judicial activism ends right here and right now,” said DeSantis.

On Tuesday, he named his third justice to the state’s highest court, Carlos Muniz.
Muniz has worked at the highest levels of both the legislative and executive branches in Florida.

“In my new role, I will have a solemn duty to set aside my own policy preferences,” said Muniz. “I wholeheartedly welcome that obligation”.

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Muniz will be the only justice on the high court not to have served on a lower court.

“Governor Bush said he is one of, I think he maybe even said the smartest guy that ever worked for him in eight years,” said DeSantis.

The appointment immediately got high marks from the Even pro Florida Justice Reform Institute.

“Policy making decisions will no longer be made at the Flordia Supreme Court,” said FJRI President William Large. “They will be made at the Florida Legislature, as they should be.”

Even Pro-Choice advocates believe if the judges behave as they say they will, by not making laws, abortion rights in Florida will be safe.

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Their point: If justices follow the constitution, Florida’s privacy clause protecting choice should prevail.

“It shouldn’t be done with a right wing bias or a left wing bias. It should be upheld,” said State Senator Lori Berman.

All three of the DeSantis appointments must face voters in a 2020 retention election.

Muniz becomes the 89th Supreme Court justice since statehood.

Most recently Muniz was appointed by President Trump to be the General Counsel for the US Department of Education.