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Get Involved with Advocacy Groups in Tallahassee, FL

Are you passionate about improving the civil justice system of the Sunshine State? Are you finding it hard to figure out how you can fight to enact the changes you would like to see? There is a way for you to make your voice heard. Join one of our advocacy groups in Tallahassee, FL, and start fighting for change.

Florida Justice Reform Institute (FJRI) is on a mission to cut down on the wasteful civil litigations that flood our court systems due to wealthy personal injury trial lawyers looking to cash in big paydays on speculative claims. By joining our lobbying group, you are able to network with others like you and bring our fight to the government’s door so that changes can begin to be implemented.

What is a Lobby Group?

Legislators have a lot on their plate. This can sometimes keep them from giving the appropriate time and consideration to issues developing within their state. That is where our lobby group steps in to help. You may be asking, “What is a lobby group?” It is our job to inform our state’s legislators about what is important to us as citizens and voters. We provide them with the information they need to make smart decisions when it comes to changing public policy for the better.

By joining our advocacy group, you are lending your time, effort, and voice to a movement to make real changes throughout our state. With a focus on cutting down the damage that a broken civil justice system does to employers and employees, our group works hard today to create a better tomorrow for everyone in our state.

Restoring Fairness to Our Civil Justice System

With a constant fear of predatory multi-million dollar lawsuits, many companies are unable to perform the jobs they need at the optimized level required. This trickles down through higher costs for workers’ compensation insurance, rising liability insurance premiums, and other costly precautions. While there is always an importance to delivering safe, trustworthy products and services, many predatory lawsuits are not looking for justice but instead looking to siphon money from hard working business owners and employees.

Meaningful reform can be made to our civil justice system. It just takes an advocacy group to stump on the capital and make sure our legislators and representatives know that we are sick and tired of our businesses and employees taking the brunt of frivolous lawsuits.

Contact us to learn how you can make a difference by joining our advocacy group. We are a Tallahassee-based organization that is fighting hard for people throughout the entire state of Florida.