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Our Tallahassee, FL, Lobbying Organization Fights for Better Legislation

Over time, legislation can become complex and a virtual minefield of loopholes. Our lobbying organization in Tallahassee, FL, is determined to close gaps and increase accountability within the justice system. Our goal is to reduce the waste of legal resources through tort reform and focused lobbying efforts.

Finding Balance

The Florida Justice Reform Institute believes laws are not tools for people to abuse to make more money. The restoration of a balanced approach to the civil justice system is within our grasp. Through concerted action, we’re confident we can continue to implement change. We’ve successfully lobbied to pass new laws and prevented impractical laws from moving forward.

It’s Time to Act

There is no better time than now for lobbyist groups to push for change and stop unnecessary litigation in Florida. The strength of our civil justice system depends on organizations like ours to restore objectivity to the legal process. The social and economic consequences of rampant abuse of liability laws are untenable and must end.

Lawsuits should not be a means to make the rich richer. Contact our lobbying organization to make a stand against speculative claims from unscrupulous lawyers, and together we can facilitate positive change in the civil litigation system.